The Right Shutters for your Industry or Sector

The Right Shutters for your Industry or Sector

Good and high-quality roller shutters can be a highly beneficial addition to the security of any factory or industrial setting.  Primarily because they offer a physical barrier between the valuable goods within your premises and the potential dangers which lie outside of them.

At LA Doors LTD, we manufacture and install aluminium roller shutters, offering various models to cover any need in Warrington. Roller shutters aren’t just for industrial premises; they offer a host of benefits to domestic and retail settings, too. Their ease of operation, durability and excellent safety features make them highly sought after.  But which roller shutters are right for you or your business? Our team has looked at different market sectors and which shutters would be right to suit each one.

The Right Shutters for your Industry or Sector

Domestic Shutters

For domestic customers, security and durability may be the key reasons why you decided to opt for roller shutters, but they are popular in many homes around the UK. While the likes of CCTV and alarm systems act as effective deterrents, they’re not always enough to stop a break into your property. Fortunately, domestic roller shutters can make your home virtually impenetrable by sealing all your windows and doors.

It’s important to note that Roller shutters are lightweight, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, too, since you’re going to be using them every day. We can provide the roller shutters at LA Doors LTD are resistant to all kinds of damage, including heavy impacts and attempted intrusion.

Commercial Shutters

We believe that business owners shouldn’t have to make compromises when protecting their livelihood; our entire range of shutters are available to businesses and designed to suit your business. Whether you need warehouse shutters, industrial, commercial, agricultural, retail, or domestic security shutters, we have a style of roller shutter that’s perfect for you. 

If you’re more concerned about the risk of fire damage than theft, we can provide fire-rated shutters to set your mind at ease. If you require high-speed roller shutters, we can help you select the right type for you. The roller shutter and doors that we can provide at LA Doors LTD are resistant to all kinds of damage, including heavy impacts and attempted intrusion.

A rolling shutter is generally a vertical rolling door system but can be vertically stacking or horizontally sliding. Roller Shutters can be manual or electric, depending on the type of roller shutter; they are manufactured from galvanised steel or extruded aluminium and occasionally stainless steel.  

At LA Doors LTD, we know that we’re not just providing physical security to your business or home; we’re providing peace of mind, which is essential to businesses and homeowners.